"This training, conducted by Dave Waddell was fabulous. It was interesting, very informative and, almost most importantly, entertaining and engaging." -School District Risk Manager, Salem, Oregon

"The team from Waddell Environmental went through the entire school's chemical storage areas and consolidated everything with the help of one of the Science teachers. Some the chemicals were over 40 years old and a few of them posed a potential threat to the health and welfare of the students and the school. As a result, our high school is going to be several hundred pounds lighter and a whole lot safer." School Principal, Okeechobee, Florida

"The presentation was very informative and entertaining! The personal visit to the school afterward was the best assistance available. Sincerely appreciated." - Science Teacher, Fort Meyers, Florida

"Best training I've attended in 20 years. Worth the 150 mile round trip drive. Give Dave a raise!" -Science Teacher, Richland, Washington


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